How to Speak Like Yoda | Funny Speech Topics

Everyone loves making funny speeches, and nothing is more fun than imitating Yoda’s. You should understand that the good informative speech topics it's wonderful, but little bit fun in your speech will make it perfect. Few fictional characters have more interesting voices than Yoda.

Every school has a Yoda mimic, and you may be expected to have a go yourself. Here’s how to shine..


1. Listen to Yoda. If you don’t own The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, or The Empire Strikes Back, then this would be a great place to go.2. Study his voice. Yoda has a slightly croaky, throaty voice that occasionally breaks. Practice forming your voice in the back of your throat to give it that throaty, gargling sound.3. Study grammar. Yoda is actually very smart grammatically - what he does is rearrange the order of clauses in sentences. Make this a habit. Keep in mind that these sentences are diagrammed the same way. Be careful not to invert sentences, like in a question, and don’t overdo the clause switches.4. Practice your posture - making an accompanying pose can add to the effect - but don’t overdo the crippled guy look. We’ve seen from Episodes II and III what Yoda is capable of.5. Learn how to use it; there are many situations where a Yoda act is funny or appropriate - but there are many more where it isn’t. Make sure you don’t use it in bad taste or in a stupid way.


  • Practice, practice, practice - Yoda has many mannerisms that should be studied, and botching up a Yoda act will ruin it.
  • Don’t improvise or make stuff up—don’t do things Yoda wouldn’t. The best way to go would be to quote a classic line, like “Begun, the clone war has, mm?”
  • Make sure you only open your mouth enough to have four grains of organic brown rice easily pass through.


  • Don’t try to stretch your voice or use it in ways that are painful.
  • This could really annoy people, so don’t get into the habit of doing this. funny speech topics